Weight Loss

Weight Loss & Proslim VLCD

Although it seems a simple solution, weight loss can often be very difficult for those who have a large amount of weight to lose. A small reduction in calorie intake via traditional methods will not promote substantial weight loss.

VLCDs have gained increasing recognition for providing a safe and effective way to reduce weight rapidly. As well as improving general health, losing weight can impact positively on obesity related conditions such as: high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. When weight is lost, these conditions often improve resulting in a reduction in medication or complete elimination.

Upon commencing a VLCD program, calorie intake is dramatically reduced. The Proslim VLCD Weight Management Program has several stages and a variety of products to assist you in reducing your weight and maintaining your weight loss. All products in the Proslim VLCD range can be changed with one another. For example: if you prefer to have a Proslim VLCD bar for breakfast instead of a shake – you can! Variety is provided for your convenience to maintain compliance to the program and to achieve the best possible weight loss result!


VLCD Phase

This phase is designed for use when rapid weight loss is needed. It is important to consult regularly with your health professional if you follow this stage for more than 1 month, or if you are currently taking medications so they can monitor your progress and make any necessary changes to your medications.

The VLCD phase can be followed for a minimum of 1 week to 3 weeks and 12 weeks under medical supervision

Note: This product should not be used by pregnant, nursing and lactating women or by infants, children, adolescents and elderly, except when medically indicated.

VLCD Phase is Suitable for:

  • Adults with a BMI of 28 or over
  • Those that need to lose a significant amount of weight before a medical procedure such as lap band surgery
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Improvement of obesity related health conditions
  • To combat food addiction

Nutritional Recommendations

When you first start on a VLCD you may find that you feel quite hungry during the day. This feeling usually subsides after a few days once the body adjusts to the lower calorie intake you are consuming. To prevent hunger and to contribute to your daily fibre intake, you need to consume 2 cups of low starch vegetables each day.


Choose from the following vegetables: Alfalfa sprouts, snow peas, capsicum, mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, tomato, eggplant, leek, cauliflower, cabbage, silverbeet, green beans, baby beetroot.

Eat vegetables either raw, steamed, stir-fried, or as a salad to add variety to the diet with no more than 1 teaspoon of oil. Natural flavourings can be used such as ginger, garlic, parsley, pepper, basil and thyme. Vegetables should be consumed as snacks in between meals to help prevent hunger.

Consume adequate fluid

Two (2) litres of water, in addition to the water used to prepare the shakes or soups must be consumed daily. Adequate fluid intake is extremely important to ensure the body remains hydrated and that the waste products from burning your stored fat are flushed from the body.

Transition 1 Phase

The Transition 1 Phase is the second stage in the program. During this phase breakfast and lunch continue to be replaced by a Proslim VLCD shake, soup or bar and a healthy, balanced evening meal and snacks made up of everyday foods are now consumed. Your calorie intake increases to that of a low calorie diet which depends on your current weight and gender as depicted in the table below.

This stage should be followed for between 2 and 6 weeks to allow the body to slowly readjust to your usual food intake. If able, start some physical activity. Mild exercise should be incorporated into your weight loss program to assist with preserving lean muscle mass and further assist with your weight loss. It is essential that you check with your Healthcare Professional before commencing any exercise plan.

Transition 1 Phase is suitable for:

  • Continued weight loss
  • Reducing BMI to within the healthy range
  • Re-introducing solid foods
  • Introducing and developing healthy eating practices

*Important: Consume an adequate amount of fluids – approximately two (2) litres of water – in addition to water used to prepare shakes or soups daily. Other drinks may be consumed but their calories must be taken into account.

Calorie Allowance Guide

Starting WeightFemale Calorie AllowanceMale Calorie Allowance

Vegetable & Fruit Allowance Guide

Current WeightVegetablesFruit (1 serve = 100g)
<100kg2 cupsNone
100-130kg2 cups1 serve of fruit
131-165kg2 cups2 serves of fruit
166-200kg3 cups2 serves of fruit
>200kg3 cups3 serves of fruit

Table Of Recommended Vegetable & Fruit Intake


Green PeasSnow PeasBroccoliEggplant
CabbageBaby BeetrootCapsicumAsparagus
LeekCucumberSilverbeetBean Sprouts
Brussel SproutsLettuceCeleryOnion


Honeydew MelonKiwifruitNectarinePear

Transition 2 Phase

The Transition 2 Phase is the third stage in the program and is designed to assist with weight loss or weight maintenance and continued development of healthy eating practices. During this phase, breakfast continues to be replaced by a Proslim VLCD shake or bar and a healthy, balanced lunch and evening meal along with 2-3 snacks made up of nutritious everyday foods are also consumed throughout the day. Your calorie allowance increases by 200 calories per day. This stage can be followed until your desired weight has been achieved.