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OptiPharm is a reputable Australian company with over 20 years experience in the weight loss category. Our product range can be recommended with confidence and will provide immediate benefits.

Obesity is a major public health issue in the western society. Although weight loss seems simple, it can often be very difficult for those that have a large amount to lose. Achieving weight loss via traditional methods requires time, perseverance and a huge amount of dedication. For those that find regular weight loss methods ineffective, alternative methods must therefore be explored. Recognising that obesity was fast becoming a major health issue across all ages and demographics throughout Australia, OptiPharm developed a range of VLCD meal replacements to assist people with managing their weight.

Proslim VLCD formulated meal replacements promote a holistic approach to weight loss and weight management by restricting calorie intake, with various stages of the program tailored to suit the weight loss goals of any individual.

Why Proslim?

  • Australian made
  • Nutritionally balanced with 25 vitamins and minerals
  • Extremely cost efficient
  • Great tasting
  • Available in shakes, soups and bars

Refer to the stockist list for your nearest pharmacy retailer, or contact customer service on 1800 882 408

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